Societas Sanctae Crucis
The Society of the Holy Cross

Stand Up For Jesus
Come and Celebrate 150 years of the Society of the Holy Cross

London, April 5-9, 2005

Why should we bother to make a fuss about such an anniversary? Simply because there is so much to celebrate in the life of SSC and to be proud of, and because our work is far from over and once more is entering times when we will be challenged to "dig a pit for the cross".

The celebration is really in three parts:

1. Tuesday, April 5: The International Synod at St Alban's, Holborn, featuring a lecture by Bishop Geoffrey Rowell on the history of the Society and its role in the Catholic movement

2. April 6-8: The Conference at Christ the King, Gordon Square (
London), culminating in the Walsingham Pilgrimage. The theme is "Who is this Son of Man", with the Archbishop of Canterbury present

3. Saturday, April 9: Festival Mass at the Royal Albert Hall, the Archbishop of York celebrating

Fr. Stephen Petrica, SSC